Mobil 5w20 blend vs motorcraft

P66 base stock is hydro processed in Grp2/Grp3 … (others crack)
Conoco is the E&P branch
ChevronPhillips makes several levels of base stock that includes PAO
MC is about like any other semi - but obviously a focus on Ford owners.
Since Grp2 base stocks have become better - calling something semi opens the lower cost production door.
For example around two dozen blenders buy XOM’s EHC - wonder why ?
(there are semi’s posing as synthetic too) …
P66 uses a lot of SK lubricant grp 3 base oils for their motor oils (kendall, motorcraft, shield choice) as well.
Hi everyone. 2021 escape se awd 1.5l 3cyl ecoboost is at 15,000 miles. Ive had dealer changes only with motorcraft blend 5w20. I changed it the other day and used Mobil super 5w20 blend. The car runs noticeable quieter and seems smoother. Whats your opinion on these oils? I'm doing 5,000 mile oci. And use is 95% highway .
We own a '19 Escape SEL AWD w/ Gen2 1.5L GTDI. Our 2nd one. Both have been excellent. Definitely go w/ a "full synthetic" 5w20 (Motorcraft or any good brand..i use Pennzoil Ultra Platinum) & no worries stayin w/ OEM Motorcraft filters they rate very good for price pt. We do lots short trips (harder on engine!) not much highway w/ this 2nd Escape so I've shortened the OCI 5-6k mis (max). Tryin stay @ 5k mis really. Engine runs very smooth, quiet & efficient! "Full Synthetic" oils w/these TGDI designs is absolutely the way to go!