Mobil 1 EP vs Castrol Edge ext. for annual change

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Jun 5, 2006
Hi guys, I'm going to run annual oil change with either oil. I've started doing higher highway miles and will be roughly 30% city 70% hey Toyota 1zzfe I'm currently running Castrol blend and will run edge if it's track record has been as good as the M1 EP. Roughly 10k miles a year. Thanks again Ryan
Either will be fine, that engine and driving are easy on oil. Personally prefer Castrol over Mobil.
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Either of those would last 10K. For that matter, I would be willing to bet that regular M1 or Castrol Edge (black bottle) or M1 AFE would do that as well in a properly maintained engine. Pick the cheapest and go with it.
I'd go with Castrol since it seems to run nice and quiet in that engine. I haven't used M1 in that engine but some reports of it being noisy. Not that wear metals would be any worse using M1. So I give a slight edge to Castrol.
Either or should be just fine for that car. Our 1ZZ has had a steady dose of M1 0W-40 since we have had it. It has never had as issue, and hopefully keeps its oil consumption low. It doesnt stop that car from having a "rod knock" like noise when it is cold out and the engine is still warm. But other than that it had no noises to speak of.
Thanks fellas. I figured that would be the consensus I haven't been here in a while, and wondered if anything had been trending with these two. If I can find it on sale, I might stay with the Castrol. I've been curious about Mobil 1 and haven't used it in years. It ran well in my Hondas. I like the idea of M1 AFE as well in 0w30. Thanks again
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