Mobil 1 and Lube Control longevity question

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Jul 14, 2003
Ft Lauderdale, FL
I did a search but did not find what I was looking for.

Wife's 2003 Explorer V6, 33k on it. I did an Auto RX treatment on it, and the engine's running on the rinse oil right now. I bought some Mobil 1 5w-30 in the jug as the regular oil when I change it next. I also have some LC on hand.

My question is what kind of mileage should/can I put on the Mobil 1 oil with regular LC treatments? Also, how much LC should I use at first and every time after that, considering the pan holds about 5 quarts? I plan on changing oil filters every 3k, and the vehicle just received its 30k mile maintenance, and has new air and fuel filters btw.
Their is not a universal dosage for LC. IT really needs to be adjusted by application. TO date the two most often used dosage rates I have seen here on BITOG is 2-4 oz.'s per quart of oil and 1 once ever 1000 miles dureing the oil change interval.

The higher you ox, nit and insoulubles the more of it you would use!

IF you have never done extended drains in this application and have no UOA to back it up I would start conserative at first just to get some data. The M1 by itself under normal conditions should be fine for 7500 miles. I would start here and then if it looked good I would increase to 9000 miles and so on etc.......

We have seen some aplications already that just the oil alone M1 with filter changes and top up has gone well past 15,000 with no ill effect. We have seen some applications were the addition of LC and oil extreme has allowed an engine to go 15,000 miles on cheap oil with no filter change and only top ups.
Thanks for the info. I intend to use Motorcraft oil filters, but I can't imagine going past 5k without changing one. The oil analysis sounds like a great idea. At what mileage do you guys suggest I get it done, 7500 or what?

Considering Wallyworld is likely dropping Mobil 1 oil, I will probably wind up changing to something else after the Mobil 1 I have is used up. Schaeffer's looks really nice to me, but I guess a good dino oil with the LC is okay for her SUV.

Originally posted by sbc350gearhead:
Someone posted a phenomenal 10000 mile UOA with schaeffer's blend and LC.

I believe I'm the guilty party on this one. And it was 15,000 miles, not 10,000.

If that was my vehicle, just had a full Auto-Rx treatment, I'd put 8 to 10 oz of LC in the fresh fill of 5 qts of M1 5w30, use a good quality filter, & I wouldn't even think of changing the filter before 7500-8000 miles. And every 1000-1200 miles, I'd add ~1.5 to 3 oz of LC, depending on engine displacement.

Remember, LC has a phenomenal ability to disolve carbon based deposits that try to form, which should help your filter keep flowing better & longer. Very good stuff.
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