Mobil 1 5w40 FS2

Yesterday while I was at AAP looking for the 0w-40 rotella (they had none sadly), I saw this European Formula oil on the shelf and I've never seen it before and it wasn't on the US Mobil 1 site but found it for the south asia pacific areas. It was not formula M. It looked similar to M1 0w-40 FS but the label had FS2 on it. It does not meet the MB 229.5 unlike the 0w-40. Is this a new offering the US or am I just behind? I took a picture but didn't save it apparently.

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I would guess the M1 0W40 FS with MB 229.5 is Group IV PAO based, while the M1 5W40 FS-X2 with MB 229.3 is Group III based. Castrol had something similar going on with Edge 0W40 and Edge 5W40.

Noack Volatility, the 0W40 is <= 10% to make MB 229.5, while the 5W40 would be between 10% (MB limit) and 13% (ACEA limit) which is still better than the API limit. If it’s anything like the older Edge 5W40, then it was only just above 10%, (which was recently fixed BTW, getting it 229.5).

HTHS is 3.6cP for the M1 0W40, but 3.8 for the M1 5W40.

They are both high SAPS Euro A3/B4 oils, with high TBN.
Both carry VW 502/505 and Porsche A40, so they are good oils.

I assume they both carry the usual Euro amount of about 1000 ppm ZDDP.

So if chasing MB229.5 or Noack then go the 0W40, but if chasing a higher HTHS performance oil then go the 5W40.