Mixing Amsoil

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Nov 16, 2002
FWIW, I called Amsoil bc I have 3qts of ATM 10w-30 and 1qt of 5w-30 and wanted to mix the one quart with the 10w-30 for my wife's Focus. I spoke with Jim at Amsoil's tech department. He said they don't recommend mixing however, both of the oils I wanted to mix were very similar in chemistry. He said it can cause oil consumption problems, which I found interesting. He also said don't mix S2k, S3k with the regular line as they are an entirely different animal. So, for those M1 mixaholics, be more cautious when mixing Amsoil bc each of there oils use a specified/different chemistry. This is more for the people who want to mix and extend drains btw.
Buster,the label on the oil bottle reads Amsoil is compatible with synthetic and petroleum oils , What does that mean? What does the amsoil guy mean? is Jim at Amsoil full of it or is the bottle label incorrect?.
Pablo, sometimes the oil won't make the milage anyway.and yes depending on what is mixed may degrade the best oil but if you send me 3 quarts of 10w30 and 2 quarts of the 0w30 I'll mix it and use it for my oil changes and my motor will last as long as the rest of my toyota truck. [ August 14, 2003, 12:18 AM: Message edited by: Steve S ]
Originally posted by Steve S: Buster,the label on the oil bottle reads Amsoil is compatible with synthetic and petroleum oils , What does that mean?
Steve S, While inherent in the idea of compatible is the idea you COULD mix the oils, I think the real intent was to tell you that you don't have to go through a system flush to go from one to the other. If you are familiar with Castrol R (the castor bean based oil), you MUST flush your engine to switch between it and dino and, I suspect, between R and most (if not all) synthetics too.
Tol me compatable means you can mix the two. If they didn't want you to mix them why not say "do not mix." I seriously doubt they said compatable to mean if you drain one oil you can put in this Compatable Amsoil (in an empty crankcase). [Roll Eyes] Plain and simple the guy is telling you that if you mix them the ball is in your court. He is actually backing away from the information on the lable. Just more corporate spin. And I have no gripe with Amsoil. Mobil gives you the same type of mumbo-jumbo [Mad] .As far as Mobil 1 goes there is no earthly reason you can not mix 15W-15 with the 10W-30 to get a higher 30 wt.
Amsoil 5w30 ASL and 10w30 ATM are so very similar that I see no reason why Buster's mix wouldn't work just fine. And their viscosities at 40c are not all that far off from each other, and the viscosity at 100c is virtually identical.
Pablo and Patman hit on what I was trying to say. Amsoil's ATM 5w-30 and 10w-30 are very similar in specs and chemistry, therefore there is no problem. However, if you mix these oils with Series 2000 0w-30, they dont recommend going with extended drains due to different chemistry of the oil and additive clashes. With Mobil 1, its obviously fine bc all of there oils use the same chemistry.
Guys what I'm getting at that I have seen people mix oils ,motor oil, gear oil," we are not talking about caster oil or pag". oil in equipmemt that would make the price of our cars seen like pocket change the equipment still runs fine with more hours and years than I would think possible even with the best care possible . Think about this how much oil is left in an engine after the oil is drained out?
Originally posted by oildude1001: I like the mixing of Amsoil idea, I guess if you do not want to shell out for Royal Purple it would be my next choice.
I have found RP to be cheaper than Amsoil. And I am sure that Amsoil is a good oil. Do you work for RP?
SteveS, no one is saying you can't mix oils. In fact M1 and Amsoil are compatible with dino oils. What Amsoil has said, is that don't expect great results at extended drains when mixing oils with various chemical differences. S2k is much different then the ATM line so when mixing, your not going to get the full effect of either oil. With M1 it's a different story. You can mix them bc they are all formulated using the same chemistry.
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