Mercedes GLE brake pad

The Germans want new rotors every time pads are swapped out. It’s just the nature of the beast - the Europeans love abrasive friction, unlike the Asians and Americans going with cohesive friction. They also hive stuck with low-metallic friction.

Even if it's not a German car, it's still good practice to replace the rotors every time you replace the pads.

If it was me, a good Euro-branded pad and Textar/ATE rotors or OE parts. @The Critic did show me a box of Indian-made Mercedes StarParts “value” line pads - think Toyota’s “warranty” pads and TCMC pads for customer-pay work. The markings on them look like the same ones on Bendix/Duralast Gold/BrakeBest Select/Carquest WearEver pads - they’re made by MAT Rolunds in India, R&D in Denmark. The aftermarket has been claiming ECE90-compliant pads for Euro applications, Wagner has been boxing up Ferodo pads for Euro applications.

From the pictures on Rock Auto, the Wagner OEX pads for the OP's GLE are reboxed Ferodo
Local Oreily parts store resurfaces rotors for $20/piece - the store will not turn the rotors if there is much to remove (have turned the rotors a few times on my other vehicles and its been alright).
$20 a piece. Plus removing, driving there, waiting for them ,driving back and reinstalling a thinner rotor.....and hopefully the guy doing it knew how. For $50 (avg cost) you can get a new rotor. Factor in your lot time and its just smarter to buy new.