Mens Suits

Aug 19, 2010
Champlain/Hudson Valley
TRUE (I swear): A fellow dance club member lost a lot of weight and gave me his tuxedo. I had it cut down by a known good tailor.
He said, "Man, this is a good tux".
He removed the HIGHLY STUPID raised horn lapels. I gladly paid for the construction of tasteful, notched lapels.
Shawl lapels (smooth, folded satin) would've limited the usability of the garment.
'Twas a fine suit indeed.

It went missing years ago. That's all. The only thing I can think of is that after some function, with the tux in its bag, I must've left it somewhere.
I'll settle for losing it myself as other scenarios require me to suspect or blame other people....and I'm just too cool to do that....most of the time.
Jul 9, 2008
British Columbia, Canada
My oldest daughter had several medical school interviews. Several residency interviews. One does not show up to those wearing “a golf shirt and slacks” and have any hope of success.

My youngest daughter is shopping with her aunt (a very fashionable businesswoman) for a suit next month as she prepares for med school interviews.
My mentor gave me some advice for my med school interviews. They're a conservative bunch. Dress accordingly.

At my interview a well known and crusty older surgeon asked me, "What do you drink?" The natural answer of course was, "Beer, all engineers drink beer." I guess that was the right answer. I recently retired after 10 years as a GP and 25 years as a specialist.

There are quite a few engineers in medicine. One of my engineering classmates became a NeuroSurgeon. And in Occupational Medicine, a fairly small specialty, I can think of 2 other engineers right off the top.
Apr 18, 2018
south dakota
I have never like wearing a suit or a tie. I really like casual shorts and t-shirts or blue jeans and a casual shirt. Wearing a tie just chokes me to death and make me feel uncomfortable. We used to have to wear ties at my job about 30 years ago and I have disliked ties every since. Thats back when car salesmen wore ties too. Those days are long gone thank god.