Meguiar's or Collinite

Jul 27, 2021
Dover Delaware
I put a coat of Ardex Miami Shine on last week. I would like to add another coat of either McGuiar's ultimate liquid wax or Collinite 845 because I understand they both protect well, produce a nice shine, and has good hydrophobic technology..
I also understand they go on easy and come off easy.. as I have some health issues and arthritis but I am getting around a little bit better.
Thank you
You mentioned arthritis, the easiest thing to apply that is decently lasting is Griots 3-n1 sio2 wax. Good on plastics, trim , even glass.
If you waxed a week ago, why apply a different product now? Either leave it till it needs it again , or reapply what you used a week ago. No one here is going to know how 2 different waxes , applied a week apart, will work.
Good idea!! Thank you I'll just wait till next time.. and apply one of them..
Grab some Wet Coat - spray, rinse, dry. Done.

I'm not sure you can layer certain waxes. You essentially strip off the existing wax layer. You'll end up doing more work for nothing.

I don't believe in layering.

The mechanical motion of applying the second coat will surely remove some of the first...

I'd reapply what you've already put on the paint. But two coats won't net you much more beyond ensuring even coverage.