Meaning of Amsoil

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Dec 8, 2002
West Coast
Alright all you gurus. What does Amsoil mean. Is there any special relevance to the “Ams” part of Amsoil? Just curious.
I don't know the legal merits of the suit and I don't even play a lawyer when I'm drunk....but something about the Penz.....oil has been around for so long... I'm sure part of it is the vile hatred for Al from the established petroleum oil industry (see now the love Al may have for API?)
Think he originally called it Ammo oil--while he was tinkering with formulations. Released as AMZOIL, and yes, Pennzoil did sue. Went into the court system, and eventually Al won. By that time, AMSOIL was in distribution and it was easier to leave it that way. For many years thereafter, Al would select Pennzoil to test against and publish the results.
I knew that it used to be Amzoil and later Amsoil, but I never knew that Pennzoil sued to have the 'z' changed! That is crazy! Oh sorry, I guess I should say that is crasy! I don't want Pennzoil to sue me.
There was also a company in Canada that was using the AMZOIL name and marketing synthetic oil about the same time frame. They were causing problems and I don't think they could stop them. I saw the ad on Canadian TV back then (which we have always received here on our cable system) and called my DJ (101) about it and he gave me this info and that below. Pennzoil, I heard they started this legal action after they tried (unsuccessfully) to buy out Amzoil, as they were not interested in selling. The had the resources to bury Amzoil, so what choice did they have but the change the name or go down in flames fighting a big corporation. [ June 01, 2003, 07:57 AM: Message edited by: Mike ]
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