Massey Ferguson Permatran III

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Jul 23, 2007
I am looking at an alternative to the OE fluid. Napa makes a premium Hyd fluid that says it exceeds permatran III specs. Some people on other forums say do not use it. I do no understand why? If it exceeds the specs than why not? Am i missing something?
Yes it is. However, many still say only use permatran III. Like I said, am I missing something?
If the spec is on the pail i don't see what the problem is,just like fords 134D spec it's on the pail it's good.

maybe they think the additive levels aren't up to pare?

is this just a standard AW 32,46 hyd oil or is it a UTF?
What about Amsoil 5w30 hydraulic fluid ? it seems alot of people like it. If it is better than Permatran III I would like to use it. Looking for real world usage by anyone.
What did you end up using?

I have to do the service on my Massey and need to buy fluid ASAP.

I was interested in the Amsoil 5w-30 hydraulic fluid too, but the only experience I have with it is in the hydraulic steering systems of off-road vehicles (using full-hydraulic steering) in extreme conditions, and it holds up well to heat.
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