Marketing Hype!!!!!!!

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May 8, 2003
Rome, Ga
OK guys, Here comes another question from a newbie on this board.. I have heard the term Iso-Syn from one company, Pennstar from another another and then Trimer Technology from another . What gives, is this marketing hype or is each one a different method of arriving at the same place, good oil? Thanks in advance GregH
ISO-Syn® is ChevronTexaco's trademarked name for their isocracking-isodewaxing-hydrofinishing process for producing Group II, II+, and III base oils. ChevronTexaco has sold the rights to use this technology to many other refiners, but they don't have the right to use the Iso-Syn name. As you imply, the name stuff is hype. The results you see on the oil analysis pages are fact. Ken
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