Majestic oil?

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Feb 19, 2009
Hey everyone,

I have been searching for a good all year round oil for my 97 Jeep Cherokee. It has the 4.0 with 159K miles. I only drive it about once a week, maybe 5-8K a year.

I am currently running Chevron 10w-40 as per recommendations on this site. The motor seems to like it better than the PO's 5W-30 that was in it :)

Obviously I can't run dino 10W-40 through a MN winter.

While at Fleet Farm today I saw 2 gallon jugs of Majestic HD-8 5W-40 synthetic blend, for $21, seems like a good deal. Has anyone ever heard of this oil before or run it? It says "bottled by Citgo" on the back. It's labeled as a multi use oil, it can be run it diesel or gas and is SL rated.
I may be a little out of date, but Majestic was a multiproduct company in Oklahoma. They were bought out by Hydrotech some time back. Hydrotech is a very multi-product, multi-business corporation. They blend motor oils, gear lubes, transmission oils, hydrostatic drive oils, grease, and such primarily for farm and construction equipment. They sell some of their motor oils and farm equipment oils and lubricants through places like fleet farm. I believe they kept the Majestic name for recognition for folk that used their farm oils.

They buy base oils in bulk, add packs, and blend the finished product. I can't say I have ever heard of anyone using Majestic oil in street machines but they are highly thought of by folk who use them in tractors, mowers, gasoline farm trucks, diesel farm trucks, logging equipment, strip mine equipment and such, at least in my part of the world. Majestic and Warren are two big names locally.
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