Resolute Oil?

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Feb 19, 2009
Who makes Resolute brand oil found at Fleet Farm?

Neighbor gave me a case of SL rated 10W-30 high mileage. He said he had it on his shelf for about 1-2 years. I was thinking I would use it on my 97 jeep Cherokee 4.0, 159K miles.
Hey it's free i'd run it who cares.
SL so it's got a good tip of cal,phos and zinc.
Citgo huh...

Would any of you run it for short OCI of 2-3K or 6-12 mos?

My wife only drives the Cherokee to and from the Park and Ride, 6 miles each way. It also see's weekend errand duty, menards runs, hauling stuff etc.

I know it's not going to blow up the engie but is it a trusted oil.
Resolute is good oil I have run it in many different cars and trucks without a problem. It is made in the U.S.A. And it's cheap at only $1.74 regular price.

have you ever run it in your Cherokee?

They make from 5w-20 to 10w40...

It's funny, I went to put the bottles of Resolute on the oil shelf in the garage and noticed something. The 10w-40 Chevron has the same exact bottles as the Resolute oil. Is Chevron bottled by Citgo too?
Yes it is the current fill in my Cherokee, Monte Carlo and my mothers Ford Escape. 10w-30 in mine and 5w-20 in hers. The Resolute ATF and farm ratted ATF is the current fill in my Silverado and GP. I have used Resolute in all of my older cars and beaters. It seams to hold up will to my driving but I do use RP and M1 in the Silverado and GP.
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