Maintenance battle plan to keep 2011 Prius to 300k miles

Dec 31, 2017
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I would do more to combat rust such as an annual undercarriage spray such as Krowne or equivalent.
Are these spray on things that I can do myself?
I've heard Bitgoers mention it's enough hassle that they were glad to have a shop do it, but if you're just trying to do problem areas you can get aerosol cans.

Mar 20, 2016
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... I'm trying to form a maintenance battle plan to with the intent of keeping my 2011 Toyota Prius to 300k miles.
How many miles on it now? No need to replace plugs or coolants that often if you use the recommended kinds. No need to change air filter that often unless you frequent dusty areas. Probably no need to change transaxle lube that often after the first time. (Toyota recommends never, which is questionable.) Be aware that most disaster stories involving your generation Prius have to do with excessive oil consumption (and consequent oil starvation), head gasket failures, and clogging of the EGR system (cooler, valve, pipe, and intake manifold passages). The head gasket and EGR problems are commonly believed to be related. Follow , which contains a lot of good information---as well as a lot of nonsense, like other automotive forums. Good luck!


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Feb 19, 2013
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Originally Posted by kehyler
Hi All, I'm trying to form a maintenance battle plan to with the intent of keeping my 2011 Toyota Prius to 300k miles. Driven on long highway trips & daily driver for my wife. Anything in the list (or not in the list but should be) that catches your eyes? Thanks a bunch! -kehyler
  • Check fluid levels every 2 months or 5k miles
  • Rotate tires every 5k miles
  • Change engine oil with 0w-20 M1 HM synthetic every 7.5k miles or 12 months using Toyota 04152YZZA6 or Fram TG10358
  • Car washes during the winter every 1 month
  • Replace engine and cabin air filter every 30k miles or 3 years
  • Transaxle fluid every 50k miles or 5 years using oem fluid
  • Engine & inverter coolant every 80k miles or 6 years
  • Spark plugs every 60k miles or 10 years
  • Brake fluid every 60k miles or 4 years
Does it have 20k miles on it now or 280k? Do you drive 3k miles per year or 50k? Not sure how anyone can recommend anything if you might be 3 months or 30 years from hitting 300k miles...