M1 Euro Car Formula in Snow Blower?

May 17, 2009
N.H, U.S.A.
Okay, I know it will depend on what oils we're comparing...but how much thicker would it be than an average 5w30 synthetic at say 0F? We get as cold as -20F but usually closer to 0 in the winter (before wind chill). I could go with a 0w30 but I feel like the 40 is the best choice since I've got 216k miles and 9500 hours on my truck and it sometimes works hard.
Truck will be fineon a Euro 0W/5W-40. We were discussing the snowblower that doesn't have an oil pump.

A synthetic 0W40 MB/VAG oil should be fine, a run of the mill 10w40 dino likely not.