M1 0W30 no longer carried at AutoZone?

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Nov 15, 2003
Stopped at my local (Everett, MA) AutoZone (AZ) Friday night, and while they are carrying a good selection of M1 EP oils now, they appear to only be carrying the new style bottles of M1 0W40... I ask an employee if they would still carry M1 0W30, and he said, probably not, the oils they carry are dictated by corporate. He also said if corporate had dropped it, you can't special order it from AZ. Anyone else seeing the same problem? I'm not entirely fond of 0W30, but I like to mix it with 0W40 to make a nice 0W 12cSt M1. And yes, I was trolling for $1/qt GC... the green elves are safe on the shelf in the Boston area for now!
I have a butt-load of discounted 0w-30 and have to obtain 0w-40 to blend it thicker too. 1:1 results in 12 cSt. Should be good, but I am saving it till winter.
They got rid of the slow selling items....and also got rid of their GF-3 'SL' rated oils for their new line of oils. I picked up 24 quarts of Havoline synthetic for $1.00 [Cool]
The frustrating part is the employees don't know what they are talking about!! They tell people it's too thin and like water! The car manuals also need to get with the program. People are scared of using them.
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