Lubro-Moly is in my VW 1.8T

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Nov 18, 2002
Atlanta, GA
yep, put in the 0w-40 lubro-moly in the 1.8T Golf GL today and drained out the 4000miles old castrol german 0w-30 and by its colour, it prolly couldve went longer (whats colour tell us anyway-nothing right. except the filter is doing its job at least). i WILL be testing this sample of german syntec since the other has been lost in the move to my new home. just gotta get a container for it and have the boys at blackstone send me yet another sample tube! as for immediate noticeability, the engine IS a little more quiet and smooth and this stuff smells EXACTLY like the german syntec! of ocurse the colour is different and is more like Mobil 1 but (perhaps a tad lighter) but the smell is nothing like M1. anyways, gotta go to bed before my wife divorces me. later, chris j.
Originally posted by moribundman: vvk, did you have a UOA done on that 5W-40?
Sent it in. I will post it eventually [Smile]
I just changed oil in my 1998 SAAB 900 (non-turbo) and put in LM 0W-40. I was very surprised to feel more power [freaknout] The improvement is very noticeable, engine is more willing to rev and pulls more strongly from the midrange. I think my fuel economy is up as well. After a fill up yesterday my computer displayed the record distance to empty number I have seen thus far: 630 miles. The previous record was 560 miles [stretch] Oh yeah, my previous oil was LM 5W-40. [ September 08, 2003, 12:28 PM: Message edited by: vvk ]
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