low milage oil?

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Apr 7, 2003
SF bay area, San leandro, Ca
I was wondering what would be the best oil to use in my 1971 Chevy C-10 Pickup with a 307 V-8 @74,000 original miles. Bearing in mind that this truck gets driven less than 5,000 miles a year and is always garaged. I look forward to your reply's.
You can't go wrong with the Castrol 10W-40. Chevron Supreme 10W-40 would also be good. Certainly you could go with the 30 wt. if you wanted to. The 307 is a great engine-I had a '69 Camaro with one. I assume yours is using some oil-thats why I suggested the 40 wt. Mine used a quart every 1500 miles from the day I got it until I got rid of it with 100K on it.
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