Lost another wonderful friend today

Mar 12, 2015
In the shop
I had just returned home from donating platelets today and heard my friend Ernest Wilson Jr. passed away this morning. I went to his fathers to be with him and his brother lives nearby in PA. Please pray and keep his family in your thoughts. Ernie had chronic kidney issues since he was very young. He wasn’t a drinker, cared for everyone and donated to the Vietnam Vets shelter and homeless shelter and the food bank I work at. His gf that he was with for 25 years and their daughter are obviously shaken. I worry for his father as I don’t know if he can hold on as he is 89.

God bless all of you folks here and just keep his family in your thoughts and prayers
Death has nothing to do with good or bad but as you get older you will see more of your friends pass away. It really hurts.