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Mar 6, 2011
I have a 2006 Subaru Tribeca with a 3.0 flat six engine. I am looking for an oil recomendation. The manual states 3750 severe use and 7500 normal use intervals of a 5w30. We live in middle Georgia. My daily drive is a 4 mile shot down the hwy and then 35 mph casual drive (3miles) to work (7 miles total each way). When not doing my commute I try to avoid sitting in traffic waiting for traffic lights. Some hiway driving is done also. I drive moderatly. I prefer a synthetic oil and have used pennzoil ultra last oil change due to great deal on it. I have also used mobil 1 in the past on occasion. The SUV has 60k on it with out any problems. I do not tow with it. Any recomendations for my type of use? And would this driving be concidered normal use?
Pretty much normal, although it doesn't get fully warmed up for an extended time, but not bad. Keep in line with what you've done. smile PP, PU, M1 or Amsoil XL.
PU and Mobil 1 are excellent oils. Make sure and use a good filter such as Pure one. It does not sound like your oil gets to operating temp for 20-30 minutes too often. So you probably are not in severe service such as towing, dirt and dust, but you do not do mainly highway miles either. Consider 5000 mile change interval and sleep soundly with good, clean oil and filter. Happy motoring.
Bang for the buck I'd go with Quaker State Ultimate Durability 5w30, it'll handle 7500 with no issues. Or Pennzoil conventional for about 5000 miles or so.
M1 or PP (5w30)....with a 6000 OCI...should work just fine for your driving situation. A Puro PureOne or Bosch Prem filter... will work well with the above oils.
I would say the oil does get to temp atleast 2 times a week on my regular commute when I pick up our little one from the sitter. It is about a 25 minute drive to get there. Any thoughts about M1 EP and 7500 mi change?
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I have been using the Mobil 1 oil filter or Bosch (the dark blue one).
IMO....M1 or Bosch Distance Plus filters....are overkill for 5000 to 6000 OCI's....unless you use them for at least two oil changes. Purolator PureOne would be an excellent filter for the above OCI's. With M1 EP or PU....you could extend your OCI to 7500 easily.
So whats the take on Bosch premium filters (black)? Are those good for a 7500 oci? Autozone has PU and bosch filter for $35 is why I ask. Do they sell Purolator Pure one at autozone I have not seen them there?
BTW when should the deals/promos start on oil? It seems there is not much going on currently
I found Purolator one at Advance for $6.99. How are they comparted to M1 and Distance plus?
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