Local car chase - Honda Accord V6 @ 140MPH

"The driver was clocked in at 140 mph, speeding past the deputy in a green Honda Accord, according to authorities."

Not sure how else they would determine it was 140 MPH outside radar or laser - although it is rural Georgia so it very well may have gone like 'well I reckon he was going 140 MPH'.
The cops probably hit 140mph to catch him.
My cousin got written a large ticket in New Mexico for 130MPH in a 1988 Sentra rental. He fought via postal mail with backing letters from Nissan that car was not capable of 130MPH and publications. They reduced the speeding ticket to 5 MPH over without setting foot into court a few hundred miles away.

He was told me he going almost 100 MPH.
Any GA radar is suspect, The GA Training academy has a well documented history of cheaters on the radar exam. An entire class managed to get caught at it but it’s happened before. The GA state patrol should be considered a criminal organization - they let the cheaters continue to write tickets when they knew they weren’t qualified…
This one trooper had my wife laughing one early morning. She used to work till midnight in nursing coming home she gets pulled over something like 62 in a 55. Driving her 84hp Chevy spark.. trooper says I drove 3 miles at speeds exceeding 90+ mph she says you're in a hemi charger I highly doubt that's a truthful statement. No ticket for her let go with a warning
Use to commute to Boston down I-93S at 105-117mph all the time in my Toyota MR2.

If I recall, the car was running just shy of 7000 rpm. Car hunkered down like a race car and got MORE stable

Traffic is so heavy now - that would be foolish
I had a 91 and it was geared crazy; it would downshift on the smallest of inclines if driving less than 60mph; to keep it in high gear on US interstates, 65-70 was minimum. lol
Hmmm sounds like that thing was sick.
I had a 89 Olds Eighty Eight which was the same basic badge engineered GM vehicle with the 440T4 transmission and 165 HP 3800. I'm sure they were geared the same and mine didn't display any of those tendencies. It would remain in OD and chug up pretty much any hill I could find at 1700 rpm. Of course this is all in a range of 600-1500 ft elevation.

Fun fact, in my younger days on a long straight stretch in ND I found out that car was governed at 125 MPH
This guy got one to 145.

Looks like a 6th gen model in Europe or Asia, Canadian and British models have KM/H markings alongside MPH.

I took a Accord of that era to 110 once. F23 engine, not as rev-happy as a H22, B16/18 or the “performance” spec K20/24 in the RSX/CSi but it felt it had a bit more in it. I’ve also taken a 1991 Lexus LS400 to 120 once late at night, the car could have went up to 140-150 but tires and I know the CHP hangs out on that stretch of highway.