Kumho Solus TA 31 vs. Hankook Optimo H727 vs. ???

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Feb 11, 2014
Upper Midwest by the Lakes USA
Wifey is determined to replace our [censored] Turanzas with A/S tires on the 2013 Camry SE 215/55R17.

The Kumho Solus TA 31 looks great but not many reviews.

The Hankook Optimo H727 has ok reviews here but recent dated Tire Rack Reviews say l..o..u...d. After faithful rotations. Hmm.

Is there favorite bitog A/S tire I have missed? A real heck of a tire for that $95-$120 price point?
I just bought the Hankook Optimo today w nitrogen for my Hyundai Accent and so far they are okay. I even got 140.00 rebate from quicklane and 6mos no interest
I don't think the h727 comes in that size. Are you considering a plus zero?

My brother got the Yokohama Avid Ascend in your size for his wife, they may be in your price range.
General Altimax RT43 is another option with good reviews.

Had H727 on our '04 Sienna and got good treadwear out of them (the van is hard on tires). Replaced them with the RT43 when the belts shifted on a couple of the 727s. The tread was about worn down so I was happy with the 727s.
We had a toe & camber issue with the alignment on the '06 Mazda3 which caused the H727's to cup/feather on the inside edges of all 4 tires and therefore, caused a horrible wheel bearing type noise. Unfortunately, this happened quickly after installing the H727's so, we got rid of the H727's after about 34K miles.

The H727's seem to be prone to inside edge wear noise(caused from out of spec toe alignment) on many cars which caused some noise(louder on some, not so on others).

We changed to Pirelli P7 Cinturato A/S+ with a fresh alignment and all is well. Many suspension parts were changed 1 year prior!
I have the hankook 727 on my 2006 Camry. The reviews on Tire Rack are accurate. They get loud as they wear. The grip isn't that outstanding. Price is why I bought them. I will be replacing mine before winter, likely with Cooper CS5.
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