Kohler Command Pro PA-CH440

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Dec 27, 2011
SW Missouri
Hi All, Looked for anything on this engine using BITOG search with no results. The Kohler website lists this as a "new" series engine. This engine fits the bill perfectly for a project I'll be starting later this year. It's got the best air filter system I've seen in the small engine world which is why I'm looking at it. I know all these are Honda knock off's, but it does have a 3 year warranty. The Honda GX390 series is just a little light on power needed and the next size up is too much. Otherwise, I would have picked Honda. Has anyone put this particular Kohler engine model through the paces? Would like to know of any weak spots before I buy one. BTW, I already know of some of their (Kohler's) earlier problems. Thanks for any feedback.........
We have sold quite a few on industrial cold water pressure washers,air compressors and air compressor/generator combos..see. www.mitm.com ..only 1 problem so far..the choke is kinda cheesy...the shaft for the choke plate is plastic and breaks off(doesnt fall into engine).....can still run it..just hard to start w/o choke...other than that its solid..and the extra hp is nice....
Thanks for the reply. That's good to know. Is the replacement part the same plastic or did they upgrade to metal?
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