John Deere 445, was Mobil 1 0w40 a good choice?

Jan 9, 2008
I have a 425, same engine as your 445, only mine is carb'd where yours is FI. I use 5w40 or currently 15w40 in mine with over 730 problem free hours. I like Delo and Super Tech oil the best, and it's easily obtained. 0w40 is a darn good choice, I see no problems whatsoever and wouldn't be afraid to use it in mine anytime. I tend to change my oil at frequent intervals, around 100 hours or so, so syn oil is not much of a benefit. If it were air cooled, then I'd probably go syn. Water cooled it is, so it gets dino 15w40 and runs just fine.These are pretty bulletproof engines, so they like any 30 or thicker oil all the way up to 20w50 in the hot south. The plastic cam thing is only the older engines, before 1998 IIRC, so anything newer will have steel cam.