Oil/Filter suggestion for John Deere S240 w/Kawasaki 21.5 hp.

I've decided to go with Rotella 10w-30 Not sure on the filter yet. Thanks to everyone for the Oil Filter options. What is the best source for a cross referencing oil filters so I can see all my options in one place rather than going to all the difference manufactures websites?
I have used the same oil in my riding mower (Kohler engine) and Kubota tractor, good stuff. As far as the filter cross reference, you can go here:

But it will give you tons of filters that you have never heard of, or you cannot get your hands on, or are no longer made. I would say Wix has the best site for looking up filters, you can look up by thread size, gasket size etc, or just a simple cross reference. So say you plug your filter in and it tells you that it crosses to a Wix 51348, if you'd rather run a Purolator, Fram etc, you can find their cross reference to a Wix 51348. More than likely you will be looking for a Purolator 10241 / 14476 14477 or Fram 3614 / 4386 / 4967 etc. But you can run whichever brand you prefer: Wix, Purolator, Fram, Baldwin, Hastings, Supertech, Motorcraft etc. If your's crosses to a Wix 51348, I personally like the Motorcraft FL910S, it's $3.98 at Walmart, but you can pretty much run whichever one you prefer. Hope this helps
How are you liking Your JD S240? So far I'm really liking mine. I'm discharging, it cuts really nice imo. My only complaint is the entire hood, and maintenance access panel is make really chintzy. The latch on my maintenance door came delivered broken, and I didn't notice it until after it was dropped off. Rather than deal with who ever and have the mower hauled away for who knows how long, I was able to fix it with a well placed drilled hole, and small zip tie. I'm buying a utility cart soon for it to haul fire wood. I'm not sure what hitch pin to buy though, open to suggestions.
Mines been great, it's my first JD. Only issue with mine was the Accel Deck or whatever they call it was brand new for 21 and supposedly due to Covid the mulch kit was not available. I didn't get the mulch kit until after the first mowing season which caused a lot of problems.

I'd had Craftsmans and the like in years past but then went without for a couple years. Got the JD and I could tell it was a step up. Then used my son in laws Husqvarna and the difference was startling. That Kawasaki engine really makes the package, way smoother.

I went with Ultra filter simply because mowers generate so much dust and junk I wanted to be getting the most out of the oil that I could.
Many are running Rotella 15W-40 or 5W-40 and a 3614 size filter(Fram number system).
Most all lawn and/or garden tractors use Ford threads for the filter. So any filter that fits a Ford
engine will fit a tractor engine. HOWEVER the larger/longer filters (3600 for example) will
interfere with with side covers and or steering shafts. Stick with the 3614 size.
I used the Fram UG X3614 for the first oil change at 25 hrs. The Tough guard will work just fine and the
SuperTech filter are good as well. The nylon cage center tube allows high flow.
Kawasaki is a great motor and the John Deere will serve you well for many years.

My 2¢
Why run diesel oil in a gas engine?
HDEO is supposed to hold up slightly better to fuel dilution and shearing, I know in the engines I use it in they seem to consume less oil with a HDEO. Any oil will work if you check it frequently. I tend to use thicker oil in customer mowers because a lot of my customers are "gas and go" type of operators.