Jetta 2.0 filter upgrade

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Nov 19, 2011
Lyndhurst NJ
Tested this out the other day on a friends 04 2.0 VW Jetta GL, but will work on any 2.0 as long as theres room for the filter. May work on TTs and 1.8t jettas as well. Part number for jetta is 06A 115 561B, but I noticed that number looked familiar because I had a customer with a sludging problem on his 1.8t Audi A4, it was in the TSBs and recommend an update to 068 115 561B, which is the larger and increases capacity by .5-.7 liter. Low and behold its the same oil filter stand, and mounts perfectly with room to spare. Added .6 liter to his fill, not bad it pushes him over 5 for his oil change. The Mann number is 940/25x I think, and the Mahle is OC51, Bosch 72 174
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Great info for those that can use it. My Mercedes takes 9qts already!
so you probably want the smallest filter you can find LOL
OEM or nothing on those things. Ive seen the el cheapo cartridge filters break up and destroy motors when I worked at MB.
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