Jabiru 6 cyl LSA engine

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Jul 2, 2007
Jabiru 3300 is a 6 cylinder horizontally opposed air cooled direct drive traditional type aircraft engine producing 120 hp. I'm curious why this engine isn't more popular in LSA's? It has a wonderful "real airplane" exhaust note during departure or the occasional low pass.
Expensive in comparison to...? Factory new: Lycoming 0-235L2C 115hp 4 cyl: $36,658 @ Air Power Inc Rotax 914 115hp 4 cyl: $31,679 @ Lockwood Aero Jabiru 3300 120hp 6 cyl: $19,900 @ Jabiru USA
I also though the 6 cylinder design looked really interesting. Compact, higher revving, very light weight, and uses the same components of their 4 cylinder (I believe) . I'd love to see a 200HP 8 cylinder with turbo! Anyway, it looks to be a great alternative to a Rotax. Have you seen the D Motor? A very compact, simple and light, flat head 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder. I heard the 4 cylinder run on the demo stand at the light sport convention in Lakeland. It sounded like a typical flathead! Power to weight was also quite good. These things are absolutely tiny!
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I've not seen that engine. I like the turn-key package Jabiru makes with the 3300 series engine, namely the 3 door made-in-USA Jabiru J230D LSA. What is interesting about the pkg that it's the identical engine and airframe as the "4 place" Jabiru J430 homebuilt that has a MTOW of 1540 lb. It looks like all they did to qualify the 230 as LSA was remove the 430's back seat and pencil gross weight down to 1320, leaving a two place with large cargo area and door? http://www.jabiru.co.za/spec/J230.J430%20Specifications.pdf
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