Interior trim repair

Apr 25, 2017
Not sure where this best belongs so here goes....

On the passenger door in my car, the fake (?? - laminate) "rosewood" trim piece has come mostly detached. I tried using a 3M spray adhesive already along with something else before that (but I don't recall what I tried now) with no luck.

What would be a good solution for this ?

A couple of problems make it tricky.... 1) it's very thin and almost feels brittle and I'm afraid it's going to crack or split and 2) I'm unsure how to fully remove it. I have had the entire door panel off but it's not obvious how it's held in place at each end.

At this point, I'm certain it needs to be removed entirely so that some type of adhesive can be applied to the entire length. Or 2-sided tape ? As it is, I can only pull it away so far and apply a spray adhesive, etc. Once sprayed, I'll also need to apply much more pressure and spread that pressure out a lot. Lastly, anyone think that heat (from a hair dryer or a heat gun) would help soften the laminate in order to allow it to (re)form to the panel's shape ?

If there's no obvious fastening method visible from the back of the panel, then I would try gently heating it with a hairdryer to see if the rest of the adhesive loosens and use a plastic trim tool to slide along under it for removal.

If it is warped and won't stay in place while adhesive sets then yes I'd try adhesive tape, if the back surface is flat. Get it off and go from there.