Interesting Experiment with Supertech

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Nov 6, 2003
Akron, OH
I have an idea for an experiment. Let me know if you think this would be a good idea.
I have a '96 Chevy Caprice that gets driven 18,000 miles a year.
I am considering running Supertech 5W30 for 1,000 miles, then sampling and draining out about a quart, then inserting another quart of Supertech 5W30.
Send off the sample for analysis, rinse wash and repeat. Kinda' the same way that 3MP is doing, except using The Lowest Biddger among retail conventional oils.
End experiment when Blackstone says to run away screaming. If experiment hasn't ended by 7500 miles, change oil filter at that point.
I realize that I'll be using a different formula for every top-off due to the way Wal-Mart works, but if the oil makes it, it will prove that even the "worst" oils are good for substantial drain intervals if you emulate 3MP.
I also realize I had sodium issues on my last UOA. I would not bother with the experiment I'm mentioning unless my newest sample indicated that this problem had abated. I had my compression tested, and it came out fine.
So, whatcha' think?
It would be great to see the results, but I think 1000 miles is too short of an interval to be useful. Too much replacement oil is entering it's way into the crankcase.

Establishing a test interval every 2500-3000 miles would yield more useful information.

Just purcase all the oil up front to assure you're only using product from the same batch. Heck, 3-5qt jugs is only $13!
Probably a waste of time. But I hasten to add that I spend way too much time and money on this foolishness.

Really what do you hope to prove or learn. You really will only be able to determine how Supertech works in your vehicle as (I assume you have nothing to compare it with)

Again I'm not throwing stones...I just don't see the point??

Now I am at least trying a number of different oils in my Sentra: Mobil 1, Schaeffer's Moly Pure, Schaeffer's Blend and now Redline. But I am the first to say the benefits of all this foolishness are non-existant. Oil formulas change and as the vehicle ages there will be different responses to a given oil. It's really all BS
Please in all but cold weather give her 10w30 if using a 30wt. dino in the LT1 or L99. Personally I am really likeing Rotella T synthetic 5w40 in my lightly modded 96 Caprice. I screwed up on my first drain of this and did not get a sample to send out, but will try to remember to this fill. This is making it rum quieter than it did even with Amsoil 10w30.
---TomJones-Thanks for the generosity to do this test. It would be quite interesting, and if you are willing to share your results, that is great. I am not an expert, but from reading some other posts, maybe by doing some other way of testing would be more beneficial. Thinking SuperTech is good for extended drain intervals is something of interest, but maybe testing in a different manner would help you more. One thing I like about ST is that at $4.27/5qts and a ST oil filter, I would enjoy changing the oil every 1500 miles, just for the recreation of it. Good luck with the testing.

Originally posted by Motorbike:
How about just dropping a quart every month and testing at the end of six months ?

That's less than 11 bucks total or two quarts of some synlubes

I'll give you credit for providing a much less costly alternative. Closer to in line with my budget, too.
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