inner core construction---which is better?

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Jul 27, 2013
Kitty Hawk NC & Central FL
I pulled out four brands of oil filters (in my stash) that fit my M35 and was surprised to see the differences in the hole configuration in the metal cores when you peer inside: AC Delco and Hastings had small diagonal slits. Union Sangyo and Mann (Purolator) had larger round holes. Does that mean two brands favor flow and two favor filtration? Wouldn't the AC Delco and Hastings be more prone to clogging with the smaller holes? Didn't Champion Laboratories have QC issues with some of their filters having poorly stamped inner cores? Opinions are welcomed.
I don't see how either would be taxed unless your sludged. The larger the holes, the bigger the risk of media blowing through them, like some Ecores we have seen.
Makes no difference, just a manufacturer design preference. Plenty of flow in pc use whether slotted/slit or circular. You could add Wix and Fram to name a couple more in the round hole group. And yes, there was a stamping issue which first showed on some then Super Tech filters posted here, which was corrected. At the time Champ said even with the incomplete stamping it still flowed more than enough. Just reporting what they said at the time.
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