In The UK and we have no 5w20 for my F150

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Jan 30, 2006
I have an 05 F150 5.4 truck and i can not buy the correct oil for its next oil change here in the UK.
Can anyone give me advise on an alternative grade oil to use that will not harm the motor.
Our winters are mild ,at its coldest -8c and usually hot summers are around 28c-30c max.

Cheers, I guess 5w-30 is nearer the mark.

Any ideas what the difference is between them and the Ford recommended one?
My Dad has a 2000 F150 with the 5.4 motor. The owners manual for 2K stated 5w 30. So that is all he has ever used in it and it does fine. So 5w 30 would work well.
The 5w-30 is going to be just slightly thicker at operating temperatures. Your engine probably won't notice it a bit and may actually be lubricated better.
Don't sweat using 5W-30 in your Ford F-150. It'll be fine. In a few years the 5W-20 will start to appear anyway. But you're right about your temps, they are temperate and and 5W-30 will have good cold pumpability for your engine.

I've been to England pretty regularly for business over the last 25 years. I always rent a car while I'm there. I have to admire you for your driving skills to be able to maneuver any roadway other than the M motorways or some of the major A roads with your F-150
. I would love to see you post some pictures of your truck in the UK countryside
. When I have my UK workers over here in the US they are always amazed at the size of my Supercab F-150 long bed
. But I'm able to fit 5 of them plus myself to go pub hopping at night when we are at our job sites here in the US

Hi Whimsey,
Yep in can get a bit tight around the smaller roads especially as the truck has large door mirrors.
I have been driving American cars and trucks for the last 20 years so i am use to the size.Also the odd conversion van has found its way in.
The truck is used everyday too and from a construction site and so the guys at work wonder why i use such a large gas guzzling truck.
Its a Lariat spec so it is quite uncommon to see a truck here with all the luxury items as standard.
I will try and gets some pics in to show you.
I've used 5W-30, 10W-30 and combination of 10W-30 and 15W-50 in the summer time around here on my 01 F150 5.4 don't even loose sleep on this, engine will handle it.
I think the pre 04 5.4cc engines are different to the newer 05 models e.g 3 valves per cylinder.
Mount a set of 120 dB air-operated trumpets across the top of the cab and program 'em to play the opening bars of Hail, Britannia! whenever some arrogant cyclist or Mini driver won't yield the right-of-way...
Top Gear did a feature on the Lightning, it had some interesting video of an L in England. I can only guess what and extended cab would do. I have a hard enough time getting a luxury 4 door car driven through Japan, can’t imagine doing it with a truck.
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