Idemitsu ATF fluid for Solara

Apr 12, 2005
I recently scored quite a few quarts of this ATF fluid at AutoZone while it was on clearance. My wife has a 2010 Avalon, which requires the WS fluid (Idemitsu TLS-LV).
I also have (1) '02, and (2) '99 Solara's which require DEXRON II or III.
After plugging in the Solara's on their "Oil Finder" it says they need ATF Type HP "Engineered for and meets requirements of Subaru Automatic Transmission (2005 & later) with HP specifications."
I tried calling their customer service, but was told that the guy who can answer that question is working from home. He would not be able to get back to me for at least a week.
After reading about the HP type, I noticed it doesn't say anything about DEX 2 or DEX 3 type fluid, or even the word "Toyota"....???
My question is, has anybody used the Type TLS-LV fluid with the 1MZ/ A541E????
many fluid manufacturers point to JWS 3309 (T-IV) as the appropriate fluid for the A541E transmission even if it wasn’t factory fill. Mobil also says 3309 is backwards compatible for T-III (Dexron II/III).

this old Toyota TSB states that WS can cause leaks and “shift shocks” in non-WS specced transmissions. with other LV fluids being so common and backspecced in many applications i don’t know if this is a real concern. I’d use Idemitsu’s analog WS without worry.

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IIRC, Type TLS without the LV is the one for T-IV.
LV means low viscosity.
In reality, I am not sure how much lower is the viscosity?