Idemitsu 0W20 High Mileage (75kmi)


Sep 17, 2022



Man you ain't kidding ^^^^^^

About the molybdenum in there. Interesting.
I believe at one point Idemitsu had 2 versions, 1 plain jane the other with high moly they've since combined. I suspect the version I bought on clearance at AZ has maybe half that. They make Mazda's oils which a lot of people used for break-in......
Definitely not an extended drain oil; I forgot to check if PQIA uses the new or used oil TBN test; but even if ashless dispersants are used, the TBN is at best equivalent to a 9.0.

If the price is right, this would likely be a good oil for those who want to be in the 5-10k range without needing UOAs frequently. But it’s barely 1/4 of the moly of the other ‘flavor’.

If there was some lab testing that showed 1% moly extended timing chain life & protected phasers on TGDIs, and Idemitsu made the 979ppm version in a solid 5W30, I know what would be going into my EcoBoost’s sump…
I don't think I've ever seen Barium in a VOA until now. Only 4ppm but still.
It used to be in every formulation up to about 1985 or thereabouts until the quest to reduce or eliminate heavy metals from lubricants came into vogue.

Barium was/is a rust preventer.