I struck gold !!!

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Sep 15, 2004
West Coast
My postman backed up to my front door. I knew it could only be one thing. 4,000 Montana Gold CMJ 9MM bullets. It was 65 pounds, and he was kind enough not to put it in the mail box and have me walk 50 yards to pick it up.
Lucky dog. I had to go to the post office to retrieve the boxes when my order came in. Case each 9mm, .40, and .45 plus 1K .380 . I took my 2-wheel dolly.
Its one of the things that will get axed soon when the Post Office is "re-organized". Flat rate is rumored to go to 25lbs in the largest box (which will get resized smaller). UPS and Fedex can't wait for this to happen. The bullet supplier that I deal with said that he expects his business to drop significantly when this changes. Personally I'd hope that they drop the flat rate priority and go to flat rate (and keep the 70lbs limit and current size) but go to ground with a 7-10 day time frame for the same cost. Its a great way to get bullets without the excess cost that UPS and Fedex would charge. SO are those bullets that you got coated or jacketed? What weight? Bill
I have no problem waiting a week or more if they keep the price the same for shipping, or include free shipping. Theses are 115 Gr. Jacketed. when I run them through the seating and crimping die, they felt different than the plated ones I have. It felt much "stronger" and didn't feel like it was crushing them like the plated ones. I use these for mostly plinking.
I had a chance to shoot about 150, so far it's been great. It's a great bullet, value, fast shipping. I plan on ordering plenty more in the future. Here's the finish product. 1.140 OAL with 4.6 GR of Titegroup, mixed headstamp brass.
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