I live a bless life - where's my lotto numbers?

Pottstown, PA
I was putting my new trackbar on and changing out the Auto-Rx rinse phase oil from the wife's TJ and noticed that the filter had a dent in it. A good sized one Not only that, when I went to remove it ..it was figure tight I put a heatexchanger on it and it, naturally, extended the filter out a bit, so I used an ST16 instead of an ST8A. Well, apparently the engine just rocks enough to smack the control arm bracket. But that's not all, folks! It hits it off center in just the right manner to spin it off. A PH3614 filter appears to be exempt from the effects until I can install a right angle adapter (all Mopar part numbers). Not a drop of leakage. I'll count every blessing ..but why can't it be on the plus side instead of the 'avoided cost" side