I like the looks of my Schaeffer's Oil

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Mar 5, 2003
I got the results back from my Schaeffer's Oil UOA and based on those results I am pretty pleased with Schaeffer's Oil. I will have to see what other people say about the results. If everybody agrees that Schaeffer's Oil produces good results I think I will stay with Schaeffer's Oil. I am going to have to make a decision as to which Schaeffer's Oil I use, however. Since I like 3000 mile oil changes I was considering using the MicronMoly; and Bob got very good results with the MicronMoly. I put only about 2600 miles on that Schaeffer's Oil but they were hard miles-a dust storm, 12 hour trips, desert heat, mountain roads, etc. Most of the miles were put on during my vacation to Arizona. Based on the results of that UOA I think I can put on 3000-4000 miles per oil change. There was a post here recently about Chevron 5W-40 synthetic oil being sold at AutoZone Stores. I happened to go to a AutoZone Store and I was told that, at least for the store in Pueblo, they do not stock Chevron oil. Another thing I think I will do is get a VOA on Mystik oil. I always wanted to find out if it was really as good as some said.
Why not do 3000 mile oil analyses and don't drain the oil until the lab tells you to? No point draining good oil just because the odometer hits a certain point. Ken
Mystic, What happened to your German Castrol? Did you have the Schaeffer's in before the Castrol? Paul PS The only place I recall seeing Chevron Synthetic is Checker Auto and it was 5W30 not 5W40. [ August 07, 2003, 01:06 AM: Message edited by: pscholte ]
The AutoZone on South Eastern Avenue in Las Vegas had Chevron Synthetic oil on sale for for about $3.50 one or two weeks ago when I was last there. They may have decided to stop selling that oil. That would explain why it is so cheap and also why they have been out of the 5W-40 for several months. They did have Chevron Synthetic oil 5W-30 and 10W-30. Terry has said in the past that Schaeffer's and Redline oil give some of the best UOA results. The Schaeffer's of course is much cheaper. [Big Grin] [ August 07, 2003, 02:35 AM: Message edited by: Sin City ]
After I changed the Schaeffer's Oil and sent in an oil sample of it I put the German Castrol in my engine. I already have several hundred miles using it. The car seems to run fine with the German Castrol. One thing I have noticed about the German Castrol is that it seems to get dark really fast-faster than the Schaeffer's Oil. I don't know what this means. Based on the UOA of the Schaeffer's, the engine was clean. And I used Lube Control in the Schaeffer's Oil. I also used 6 oz. of Lube Control in the German Castrol.
Accepting that your engine was clean, I'd say it means it is doing a great job of holding all those contaminants in suspension so your engine stays clean! I don't remember if you mentioned it, are you planning to do a UOA on the Castrol?
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