I have caught the GC Bug

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Sep 15, 2002
Las Vegas, Nevada
Hello everyone, Like all of you I am now obsessed in finding where to buy GC. I went to 3 different AZ's today and found 12 quarts of GC. I found myself looking at the green oil with amazement when I changed the oil tonight. My question is this. I could only find 2 bottles that are pre '05 production date. Do you think there is anything to be concerned about with the '05 formula? I have a '05 Yukon w/ the 5.3 with 4k miles. Previous to just changing over to GC I have changed the oil 2 other times. How long would you recommend I run this oil for? The majority of the miles are highway miles. I can't wait to do a analysis on this oil and of coarse the minute I do I will post it here. Thank you for your help Oilnewby
OILNEWBY, This oil thing is something, isn't? It's like mad science! It sounds like the engine is still within the break-in period of what I suspect is 10k miles, so even though you've been changing you oil studiously over the past 4k, I wouldn't go for the long intervals just yet. Does anyone here think it be wrong to keep this batck of oil in the case for, say 5k? If it weren't such an expensive and seemingly "prime" oil, than I'd probably say 3k. How many miles do you put on the vehicle per month? What kind of service does it see? GC- yes, I'm about to give it a go in about another month or so...the qts are sitting tight on a shelf in the basement. [Big Grin]
We are putting just over 1k miles per month. We do zero towing with most of the miles accounted for on the freeway. I am in southern california which in the summer is consistently around 100 degrees. In the winter in rarely gets below freezing and if it does the car is in the garage so it probably doesn't matter anyway. Will this oil hold up to many months of desert like temperatures? Oilnewby
Originally posted by OILNEWBY: Will this oil hold up to many months of desert like temperatures? Oilnewby
I am confident it will...I use it year round in an Audi twin turbo. It sees temps in the 90's in summer and at 6000'+ driving with a lot of hills which is incredibly demanding on an engine.
OK, You guys now have me looking for it too. Found the GC for the first time in the local AZ, and I have been looking in several stores for it. Found about 7 quarts of it sitting on the shelf where I swear there has been only made in USA product before. Immediately bought 5 quarts at 5.19 per, AND I DON'T EVEN have a vehicle suitable to put it in!! This was a batch of the M04 date code on the bottom, and yes I opened at home and it is the green... Let me explain about the engine part, the only vehicle right now is a 7.3L psd, the only other thing that could use it is the lawnmower, and I have straight honda 30w oil for that, so I'm not going to waste it... Thanks to this site I can now also try things that make more sense to me and am even being bitten a bit by the mixing bug, for the PSD engine, as that thing gets oil mixed in it all the time, as about 2 quarts are left in it every oil change. Have been running over the last half of the winter the Valv. 5W40 Premium Blue Extreme, and yesterday changed just the oil filter with short miles on it as I feel the oil is nowhere near the end of its life with just 3000 mi on it, but I do think the valv. add pack is a little weak for this engine in the anti-foam dept, so I topped off with Delo 15-40 (which I am partial too) and add the 15 oz bottle of synpower oil additive, which is about 1oz per quart as suggested here to see how this will do, but that is a whole 'nother topic. One thing I have not seen is anyone suggest how would GC do as an add to the HDDEO's? (I also have a couple of quarts of the M1T&SUV and the Rotella 5-40, which I started the winter with and really liked it compared to the regular Rotella T 15-40.
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