I have 5 qts SSO left and need 6

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Jul 3, 2005
Ok I have 5 qts SSO 0w30 from back when I used it, and 1 qt ASM 0W20. Would adding the qt of ASM to the 5 qts of SSO still keep me in the 30 grade range? I plan on using this up in my E-150 and I don't want a thick 20 grade oil in it, it was not back spec'd like most Fords to a 20 grade oil.

I have in my stash as well. But keeping this mix all Amsoil would probably be best.

TDT 5W40
PP 5W30
Edge 5W30
M1 0w30
Originally Posted By: A_Harman
From Widman's calculators:
KV40 = 56.8
KV100 = 10.2
VI = 169

So it's still comfortably a 30-weight.

Thanks is that for the old formula SSO and ASM? I couldn't find the numbers to plug in.
Originally Posted By: A_Harman
Those are based on the current numbers that are on AMSOil's website for SSO and ASM.

Thanks! These qts are old stock, about 4 years old. I'm thinking I still should be GTG.
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