I bought this heat exchanger on Ebay

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Sep 28, 2002
I got this for a very cheap price.


It's very large compared to most of the common Modine sandwich oil/water coolers.

It appears to be aluminum. The tag on the back says that it's made by Long - Dana Coporation - Long manufacturing division in Rochester Hills, MI

I wonder if this was a beta version of some project that was abandoned

I sure hope that they didn't fail some longevity/endurance test. I hope that it was purely economic/demand in nature

I got it for less then I usually pay for used Ford/Modine offerings. I'll usually go around $40 delivered for them.

btw- if any of you intend to buy one from this vendor ..just let me know so I don't compete with you in future auctions. If I can get them for the price that I want ..I buy them. I have just about every configuration of the Modine versions and have adapted them to several vehicles that they were not spec'd for. One that was for a F150 ..that has long hose fittings ..fits just fine on my daughter's Taurus with the Vulcan V6. You just have to use a short filter (PH16 or PH3614) instead of the FL400S.


The current auction for this item from the vendor that I purchased it from.
are these used to get the oil up to temp in cold weather or for use as an oil cooler?
The sandwich coolers will warm the oil as the engine warms. The rad hose type don't do squat until the thermostat opens for warming. The sandwich type will have the oil hanging around 100C/212F, while the rad hose type will tend to be somewhat lower due to the outlet temp of the radiator. It should bring your oil up to temp somewhat sooner then it normally would.

They're superior, in most ways, to air:eek:il coolers assuming your cooling system is of enough capacity.

So, to answer your question directly, they're coolers that will also warm the oil.
Here's what's going on the 3.0 Caravan. It's an Eaton-Fuller transmission cooler for a towmotor/forklift. You gotta love ebay when it comes to new stuff that is surplus.
I guess I would still wonder if the loss in reliability (and there will be some, albeit small). I s worth any potential gains in benefits considering the qualityh of oils. Just thinjking out loud.

But then again are the hundreds of $$$ of oil analysis I have done worth anything?
Probably not. Its the sport of the hunt that counts.
Al, I wouldn't worry too much about reliability.

My 4Runner has a cooler/heater similar to those, mounted on what looks like a second oil filter boss at th back of the block.

I noticed that the coolant lines were spongey (oil filter changes tend to have oil run over the coolant lines), and went to order a set of coolant lines.

The parts guy took some convincing that it even HAD a cooler/heater. Turned out that I was their first ever sale on these hoses, in over 10 years.
Well, they will do two things. They will reduce any parasitic losses due to cold viscosity. They will also assure that you purge any moisture by raising your oil temp quicker ..and therefore lengthening the duration of the event, however short it may be.

I don't think any of my engines will need to shunt any oil heat to the cooling circuit ..unless I get to go offroading again and do a decent hill climb in 4low @ WOT ..or start plowing snow with it.

I guess that there is a risk of an internal leak developing ..but I imagine that detecting it would be fairly easy.
a very similar type of cooler/heater is used in jet aircraft but theirs is a fuel/oil heater/cooler. it's proven reliable.

nice score btw, those are nice parts.
btw- If any of you get the oil:water heat exchanger yen ..and buy one of these off of ebay, keep in mind that if you're getting a $200-250 heat exchanger for between $45-$65 ..that it was probably taken off of an engine that grenaded. The things don't wear out, so that would be a reasonable explanation for them to be dicarded and put on the market for that price.

The second image is a LS1 power steering cooler w/ 3/8" lines.

All of these, including the OEM Crown Vic oil cooler, are manufactured by Laminova AB (Germany, I think) and marketed/distributed by Think Auto
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