Hyundai timing belt

Feb 2, 2012
Nut farm
2009 Accent, 165K miles, absolutely no idea when (or if) the timing belt was ever replaced. RA shows a full kit (belt, tensioner, water pump, gaskets) for about $80...which seems incredibly cheap. Normally, I'd expect that to be white-box Chinesium, but it's from Aisin. (TKK-001 is the PN.) I haven't even looked at a timing belt in...a long time. Is Aisin still a reputable company?
I've read so many posts in forums lately about major companies that were the standard for quality in their market, have sold out and moved to China. I try and verify and can usually validate, but I think you should be cautious.

Looks like Asin is the only player at Rockauto.. It just seems like that price is too good to be true, I mean its got the water pump too.

Actually, I just added up the parts as they stand alone and it does seem legit. Just do some research about Asin and I' say go for it.