Hyundai class action suit oil consumption

Jan 7, 2003
New Jersey

Does anyone here own a 2010-2020 Elantra that is experiencing excessive oil consumption?? About a week ago, a class action suit was filed against Hyundai for this issue for practically EVERY model between 2010 and 2020, but I am not sure if the 2017 Elantras are also having this issue.

I own a 2017 Elantra Value Edition with 60,500 miles and noticed a VERY slight lower than normal oil level on the dipstick, even though it was barely within the normal
range. This was the other day and I was at about 4500 miles since last oil change.

I would appreciate to hear from other Elantra owners if this is an issue. The 2010-2020 Elantras are included in the law suit, but cant see to find Elantra owners that are having this issue.

Might want to participate here:

So what does the Class action suit claim is excessive oill usage?
It doesn't matter. If you have a motor that's supposedly affected-then you will receive (most likely) a coupon for an oil change once it's settled. OR-more miles under warranty. Everyone IS NOT getting a new motor plopped in to their vehicle.