How to Get the Most Fuel Economy

Years ago I probably couldn't have driven at the speed limit but now as long as I don't have to be somewhere at a certain time I can drive 40 MPH and often have since the Corona virus came around. Back early on during the pandemic my wife and I would get in the car and ride around just to get out of the house. Often I catch myself on back roads driving with the c/c set at 40-45 MPH and just enjoying the scenery.
I've noticed since the pandemic that people seem to drive slower.
A guy who shells out for an Enzo Ferrari, or a Maybach 57, is going to worry about fuel economy, just about as much as a guy who owns a Gulfstream 650 ER cares if his pilots use, "Economy Cruise".
When you drive slow cars like i do, especially old diesel Mercs, your driving becomes relaxed, they are momentum machines and it keeps you looking as far ahead as you can, especially with the manuals. They barely accelerate, have decent engine breaking and you tend to drive without touching the brake pedal that much. With that and the speed limits, i always get better fuel mileage that what's announced and brake pads last forever.
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