How to fix oil pan seal seapage? Neutra 131?

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Jun 16, 2003
Franklin, OH
I have a '97 Olds Aurora Northstar 4.0L with a seaping engine oil pan gasket. If it were easy to do, I'd just put a new seal on it. However, the engineers kindly made it where it requires pulling the tranny to get the pan off. I'm considering Neutra 131 to swell this seal a little. I think it's the silicone/rubber "O-ring" type since it's an aluminum pan and block and I can see no gap or gasket. Would the Neutra 131 be as good a shot as anything else? Will this mix and work fine with Amsoil?
You can try Neutra, but there is really no claim that Neutra will stop seal leakage, only that it will clean an engine.

The one product that stopped seal leakage for me was Auto-RX. At least, the leak seemed to stop after I did an Auto-RX cleaning.
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