Leaky engine - adding oil without changing oil

Plus if I had a car that leaked seven quarts in 7000 miles I wouldn't let it within a mile of my driveway or garage.

I almost made myself laugh thinking of that rate of leakage.

start saving cardboard, so you can make a mile long cardboard road when you want to fix it.
Keep the oil topped up, change the filter once a year until you get it fixed. Having said that the winter, when you plan on fixing it is right around the corner. Don't over think it.
Seems like a lot of work. I would try to track down specific areas that are leaking and fix those.
to track down everything would require dropping the transmission from under the car, and also dropping the entire front suspension and subframe while also supporting the engine from above (to get the oil pan off). It will be easier to pull the whole engine and trans out, and separate them on the floor so that I can check around the rear main seal and flywheel bolts, which I may not have done correctly last time.