how much oil do you keep on hand?

Maybe about 8 ounces leftover from my last oil change in the 5qt jug of Mobil 1 0w16. I only own one vehicle and don't buy oil until l need it.

If l happen to see it on rollback at Walmart within a month of my next oil change, l will snag a jug of it. Otherwise l order a jug online a few days before l do an oil change.
I can’t bring myself to buy more than what I need for the next change. Currently have 10 quarts of QSFS 5w-30 for the next change. Have about 1/2 quart of PUP/PP 5w-30 blend that I use for top off. 3 quarts of QSFS/PFS blend 0w-20 for the wife’s car.

I always get excited to buy more, but I’m not sure how rational it is and I usually talk myself out of it. If I see something on clearance I’ll grab it (currently eyeballing the PP 5W-40 euro on clearance at AAP).
Sitting with 10 jugs at the moment, maintaining 3 personal/family cars. One gets oil changed every 4 months, the other two every 6-8 months on average. So it's not a stash but rather 'reserve' and I took advantage of sales and rebates when bought all of it while not at once.
apparently I'm not very competitive in the oil/filter stash category, but if you were to inquire about...say....guns and ammo stashes, it would be a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT story!:)
Same with me but substitute guns and ammo for cigars. I have enough to open a small shop!
1qt QS 5w30 for CX5, 1 qt QS 0w20 for mazda3 and 1 qt of ST 5w30 for pickup. Carried in each vehicle for top-up if ever needed.
5 gallons or so? I like keeping a couple changes worth on hand, I've been forgetful lately, and it's not a quick trip to the store if I want to do the change on a Sunday morning. Having a couple on the shelf means I can do it whenever. Or if there is suddenly a shortage and I can't buy right this instant...

Of course, if I know I have a change coming up, I'll try to buy some ahead of time, but if I run out and have none on the shelf... then I didn't plan very well.
Just a question doesn’t motor oil have a shelf life of about five years???
If it does someone better tell my cars that. I've been using 10-25 year old oil for years. I'm using oil in my '97 Ford that I had in the garage when I bought the car new in Feb. '98. As for how much I have on hand I really don't know. As I remember back in the summer I had between 250-300 quarts besides transmission fluid but have done a couple oil changes since. I guess the best way to put it is at 63 years old I have enough to last longer than I'll live. The oldest oil I have is Castrol 20w50 in cardboard cans bought for a motorcycle sometime in the mid '80's. The newest is about 2 or 3 years old. Average price would probably be ~$.75-$1./qt. I've also got a stash of filters I've bought at yard sales, flea markets and store closeouts. Some of them were bought I think as low as $ .17 each. The high dollar ones are Premium Guard filters bought from Rock Auto for my '16 Nissan at around $2 each including shipping.
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Other than what I have for an upcoming oil change. what's the point? will you be hard pressed to spend an extra couple of pennies for an oil bottle that has a newer date? these people on here are cheap skates. it doesn't matter what you buy, just change your oil. and that's the bottom line, cause I said so. I think your oil filter has more controversy than the oil your pushing through it. If your changing your oil every 3-5k miles *** does it matter? I change my oil once a year. that's about every 5K. Valvoline has done everything I've asked it to do. I've thought about switching to Amsoil, but why? Do you think the extra money makes its better? It doesn't. However, I do spend the money for their grease for my tractors, and oil for all my 2 strokes. but that's because we have a convenient Amsoil store in Omaha. I did burn up a leaf blower using Amsoil, I tried their 100:1 mix ratio and it smoked the hell out of it. guess what, they didn't buy me a new one. they wont even answer their emails. So as far as im concerned, their Saber oil is bull **** so therefore I wont be putting their oil in my truck.
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Definitely a hoarder, not only do I buy it when there is a good sale, these days that's few and far between, I hunt it down and buy it from people selling random oil on CL and Offer Up, sometimes its free, I don't keep the partials just recycle them. I have noticed that some mechanics seem to STEAL oil from their employers and resell it on CL, I don't buy that stuff. The best deal I got on new was $7 gallon for the Mobil Delvac 1300 from Sam's Club about 2 years ago and I bought 30 gallons, but here's the kicker I don't own a diesel, I use diesel oil in most of my motorcycles and that's less than a gallon per oil change. I got the STP synthetic for $1 a quart from a mechanic closing down shop, it was 80 some quarts. I also have about 5 gallons of GL5 and 1 vehicle that uses it at 5 oz per change in the final drive on a motorcycle. I paid $3 a quart for that. All told I think I have over 100 gallons of motor oil at about $2.30 a quart average, and I use maybe 10 gallons a year between the 4 cars and multiple motorcycles, so if I never buy another drop I have a 10 year supply......yea I got to quit buying oil.


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Average of .3 qts of Motorcraft 5W20. Why? That's what's left after I put 5.7 qts into my 2.5L 2014 Fusion. No extra filters to be found in my garage, either.
The excess.3 qts gets used in a variety of ways around the garage.
Just a question doesn’t motor oil have a shelf life of about five years??? So hoarding oil might not be a good idea if that’s true
Motor oil does not "go bad". The containers may leak, some settlement/separation of additives may occur, and the oil in the bottle will eventually not meet the current API specs, but the oil itself does not go "bad".

Don't believe me, look at Valvoline's website, the specifically state the above, and suggest giving old bottles a "shake" before pouring in.


All other oil makers are just covering their butts saying their oils "expire" after 4-5 years.

All the oil in my stash is SN or SN+ (I may have a qt or two of SM), but the newest vehicle I have spec's SM, and the oldest is SH, so I am fine.

If you are one to always be buying new vehicles, than a stash is probably not for you, but if you hold on to vehicles and room to store it, it can make sense.
I keep enough to change the oil at least once for both my vehicles on hand as well as my small engines. I have 2 5 guart jugs PUP 5w30 (Gen 3 Coyote Mustang) and one jug of PUP 0w20 (Mazda 2.5 Skyactiv) and 3 quarts of Kawasaki 5w40 for my mowers. I also have a couple bottles of Liquimoly Ceratec on hand for my next 2 changes. I put in both my cars every change.
Years ago in days of old when magic filled the air, I stocked up on the green gold of yore that many of us sought out. Now however, I only keep a few quarts of Mobil 1 on hand.
In the darkest depths of Autozone, I found a quart of German Castrol so fair 🤣🤣

I jam some Zeppelin almost weekly. I’m 31, how I wish I could have grew up in the good ol days.
just to name a few,5 qts of quaker state 5w-30 winter blend,wolfs head,mobil sn (0w-20) jug,lots of royal purple pcmo 5 qt jugs (4),,havoline 5w-30 pro-ds,cenex maxtron,,,,and others,,just watch the sales,(few and far now),no huge inventory yet
16 quarts mobil 1 FS 0w40
4 gallons delvac 1300 15w40
3 gallons delvac extreme 15w40
2 quarts mobil 1 esp x2 0w20
2 quarts delvac 1 ATF
2 quarts delvac 1 75w90
1 quart mobil 1 EP 0w20
1 quart mobil 1 5w30 API SF
1 quart shell 10w30
1 quart rotella t4 15w40
1/2 quart mobil 1 5w30
1/2 quart mobil 1 5w30 API SF