how much oil do you keep on hand?

3 x 5qt Valvoline Advanced 5/30

I bought about 8 jugs back when the writing was on the wall regarding prices of everything back in late 2020. I still wish it was $21.xx

I generally like to keep about 4 oil changes worth on hand. I sometimes decide to change oil out of last minute convenience and it’s nice just having what you need on hand.
Well BITOG made me get more than I really need. After writing this down I realize I don't need to buy anymore.

5 qts - Castrol Edge HM 0W-20
5 qts - Castrol Edge 0W-20
5 qts - Mobil 1 HM 0W-20
5 qts - Castrol GTX Classic 20W50
10 qts - Kirkland Signature 5W-30
5 qts - Quaker State Syn Blend 10W-30
15 qts - Amazon Basics Syn Blend 5W-20 (sold the car this was for)

Can I use the 5W-20 Blend in a 17 Civic, 17 Camry, 11 Camry, 13 Mini Cooper or 64 C10? It is not the recommended weight for any of these.
My oil stash spreadsheet indicates 141 qts on hand. Vast majority comes from clearance and/or rebate deals. Oldest vintage is QSUD 0W-20 dated 05OCT10 and Valvoline NextGen HM from 2012 . The rest is 2018 and newer. Should be enough to feed my 3 cars for ~8 years.

94L 15w40 T5, 19L 0W40 T6, 26L 5w40 delo , 12L 5w40 duron, 26L 5w30 duron, 12L 15w40 shp duron, 18L 10w30 duron, 40L 10w40 duron, 13L #40 duron, 3L 20w50 castrol motorcycle, 20L 5w30 petro Canada sp Dexos 1 generation 3.
About two oil changes worth for each vehicle. I only buy on sale / clearance oil that meets the vehicle requirements, if I ever pay full pop for oil that will be a dark day.
How much I keep in my stash may vary by how well I can score oil on the cheap/closeout etc.
Right now(I just did 3 OCIs...15qts) and I still have 5 OCIs(mostly 5qt jugs) remaining in the stash and a couple of straggler qts.
Right now? ~50qts for two vehicles.
Palisade takes 7qts
Accent takes 4qts

K&N 0W-20, 4 jugs (4qt containers, not 5)
Castrol Edge 10W-30, 3 jugs
K&N 5W-30, 2 jugs
Mobil1 5W-30, 1 jug
Mobil1 5W-30, 2 qts
Mobil synthetic 5W-30, 1qt
Dunno if this has been asked before; please delete thread if so. I did a few quickie searches.
I know we have hoarders, and I know we have the buy as you go.
All 5 qt jugs Synthetic:
  • 2 Valvoline HM 5w30
  • 7 M1 0w20 Advanced Economy (6 from recent low price on Amazon or Wally World)
  • 1 M1 HM 5w30
  • 1 M1 HM 10w30
So 11 total. I usually have some QS or whatever is on sale. I used to use a like of Kirkland, but prices went up.
I regularly service 3 TSXs and a 98 Accord, so I use a lotta 5w30.

I would guess I am about BITOG middle of the pack.

I bought about 90 quarts in one go, I'm about half way through that stash.
20qt M1 0w40
7qt Castrol 0w40
10qt M1 10w30 HM
4qt Rotella T6 0w40
12qt Valvoline Maxlife ATF
6qt Valvoline Mercon LV ATF
Usually no more then one jug of oil to use between oil changes to refill when low. I buy jugs as needed.
Sometimes I have more, sometimes less. I buy when there's a good clearance or rebate. Here's what I have on hand now:

Oil - 5W30 (quarts)
Rotella Gas Truck Syn18
Pennzoil Platinum Syn15
Quaker State Syn10
Castrol Edge Syn5
Valvoline Syn7.75
Oil - 10W30 (quarts)
Mobil 1 Syn EP5
Oil - 10W40 (quarts)
Mobil 1 HM Syn6
I've become a hoarder! Not really....but do have a complete oil change for all 5 of the vehicles in-stock.

5qt SuperTech 10K mile 5W30 + SuperTech filter (RX350)
5qt SuperTech 10K mile 5W20 + SuperTech filter (Focus)
9L Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 + Hangste filter (Passat)
6L Liquimoly Leichtlauf High Tech 5W40 + Mahle filter (Atlas)
4gal High Performance Lubricants Euro 5W40 + 2x Mann filter (Golf Sportwagen)