Honeycomb Tablet and Google Apps

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Jul 22, 2005
Is there any way to load some of the applications on a Honeycomb tablet? All of the Google applications such as Chrome browser etc are not supported on Android version before Icecream Sandwich.

If that is not possible, then is there a place where old apps are archived and if so is it possible to load them on my tablet? My tablet still has some application which are no longer visible on the Google Play store. Those must be the old applications which are no longer maintained or updated.
Google the name of the app you want, followed by "apk". Apk is the file extension for Android apps, like "exe" is for Windows applications. Chances are the app you want is out there somewhere. Download the file to your tablet, and install it. You'll need to go into your settings and enable installation of apps from unknown sources in order to do this. However, there's a good chance they won't run properly (or at all) on your older version of Android. Also note that doing this with apps that are supposed to be paid for is illegal.

Also you could visit a site like XDA Developers and see if there's a ROM out there made from a newer version of Android that will work on your Tablet. You'll have to "root" your device in order to do this.
Yes you can load stuff outside the app store.

As far as "legality" do you really think an app company is going to chase ANYONE down for the $1-$5 they missed out on. Hardly worth the time and effort especially for an old piece of software.
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