Using old phone as media/music player only

Dec 9, 2002
Eastern burbs, MN
I have an older 'smart' phone (Galaxy Exhibit SGH-T679) that still works great (although about 12 years old) that I would like to use as a music/podcast player when I'm traveling. The problem I'm running into is that it's so old (Android version 2.3.6) is that I can't access Google Play for the couple apps I want. I factory reset it and when it asks to add a Google account I get an error- 'A problem occurred while communicating with Google servers'. No sim card is installed and it does connect to my home wi-fi and I can use the web browser. I can manually add music to the SD card and that works fine but I would like to have the Radio Garden app and 1 podcast player. This phone has not been rooted/jail broken. Any ideas? Thanks.
I have a Xiaomi mi2s that I used to listen to mp3s while I was walking a few years ago, because I had an Essential PH-1 and it didn't have a headphone jack and I don't really care for most of the bluetooth headphone designs an much prefer my Sony sports clip earbuds.
Can you install the Amazon app store on it? That should be possible without any jailbreaking. If so, you might be able to get the apps you want that way. Good luck.
I think you'll have trouble finding apps that will even run on that, I think a lot of Apps require at least android 5.0 when they switched from Dalvik to Android Runtime.
Android 2 is end of life. You'll have to track down very old software versions yourself and sideload them. But after that, it will do what you want it to.

My only question is why? Do you have a modern phone that you use already?
You don't need a "store" to get apps. The website has most common apps, even multiple legacy version. There's a few websites that specialize in archiving old apps.

Download the apk file, and just click to install. You may have to go to Settings and grant your file manager app the ability to install apks from "unknown sorces". It's that simple.
The apps and store don’t run because OS/phone is way past life.

If you can load/import music into what is already installed that is it.