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Will the 15400-PLM-A01 fit my 1997 Honda Civic? Tried searching around with no luck.
In all likelihood the answer is yes. The 97 spec'd the larger diameter but slightly shorter 3593A/14459 size, starting 2001 Civic went to the 7317/14610 size, same length as the A01. Using the Fram look up specs it's less than a tenth of an inch longer than the 97 spec. Without seeing the specific application area, I'd be confident the answer is yes. Gasket size/diameter is the same for both.
Since I wasn't familiar with the specific application area and I equivocated a bit in my previous post, I went and did more research to confirm. Link below shows more than enough room in the 6th generation Civic for the A01 as can be seen in the link. In fact the link demonstrator uses the A01 of which you speak in his 6th gen installation. 6th generation Civic oil and filter change.
Awesome, I really like the design of the Filtech and plan on switching from Puralator to the A01 next OCI. Thanks guys!
It'll work. My Acura calls for the wider 14459/3593A size, but I've used the A01/A02 in the car as well as the 14610/7317 size. They're interchangeable, if you have the room.
I would say yes, A01/A02 Fit my 1999 Honda, and any aftermarket fits my 99 3593A but my 1994 will not work with a A01/A02 but work with a 3593A
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