Hmmm, Amsoil Vs Mobil 1 for cold starts on another board....

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Aug 2, 2002
Pitcairn PA, USA
We've been talking about synthetics, and it seems like when is involved, someone has to chime in about Amsoil. Now, I don't have anything against Amsoil, but it seems like some people don't have a realistic opinion of amsoil as it relates to other oils, ESPECIALLY Mobil 1. check this out:

Specifically related to this comment on page 2:

neon was left outside last nite- was 5 out- cranked over very fast -not one bit of noise, for petes sake with mobil1- noise was bad even whenm itwas 50 degrees out-cold start features of the mobil 1 aren't even in the same ballpark as amsoil- BTW- i did freezer test and boiling oil in the pan tests myself-these proved the superiority of amsoil versus the mobil1

Is that really true, i mean it sounds like a load of BS to me? I mean, it was only 5 degrees out. Shouldn't Amsoil and Mobil 1 still perform well until we get into the -30s?


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At 5F the performance between Mobil 1 and Amsoil should be almost identical. I don't think Amsoil would start to really show a big difference until you got to the real extremes (-40F for instance)
The only difference I have ever noticed is the valve tap is more noticeable when using Mobil 1. Both these oils should flow about the same. I just don't see where people can find these "huge" differences when both of these oils are very similar.
I agree Amsoil in the same weight as M1 tri-syn was superior in cold pump and crank.

I would expect Supersyn formulation to be worse in cold than the older formulation of M1 but I have not seen testing to confirm that.
Hi Terry. Why would SS be worse and why would they not be as good as amsoil? I don't see where these differences are found. thks
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